Gift of Gold

Title Gift of Gold
Medium Braille
Names Butler, Beverly
Book Number B1904
Title Status Copies Available upon Request
Annotation A young girl is determined to prove she can succeed as a speech therapist despite her blindness. Sequel to Light A Single Candle (available in braille, 3 vols. B1894) Transcriber's note: This book, written in 1972, contains some outdated language in reference to people with certain disabilities; e.g., "retarded," "moron," "dum-dum." A reader's review from Cathy lost her sight as a teenager, and now as a college student, she's working to become a speech therapist. When the head of her school's speech department suggests Cathy's choice of profession is unrealistic for a blind person, Cathy becomes all the more determined to succeed. But after a doctor's appointment gives her hope of regaining a measure of her sight, Cathy may roll out a new plan for her future in Gift of Gold by author Beverly Butler. I remember the day I first came across this novel in my adolescence, seeing the old-fashioned cover art depicting a woman in a green head scarf, holding the harness of a service dog. I had no idea then that the author herself was blind or that I'd be revisiting this novel years later, and then more years after that. But now having read this book three times, I can say it's just as powerful as it was to me the first time. Maybe more so. Yes, I still like the old-fashionedness of it, the plastic rain scarves and typewriters and all. Nevertheless, what I may love most is that this isn't some predictable, run-of-the-mill tale merely about goals and dreams. This is a complex, soul-searching kind of read. It's smart in style with wit and wisdom. Not at all fast-paced, but anything but flat. In the last quarter especially, Cathy's journey pulls no punches. It even gets pretty depressing for a while, but I find it all the more compelling for not being too easy. The truth, growth, and hope in Cathy's story is earned. Plus, there's a nice little thread of down-to-earth romance tied in. A novel about not only facing your outward challenges but taking a deep, honest look at yourself—so worth the read.
Language English
Released 1972
Publication Info Binghamton, NY 1972 Vail-Ballou Press, Inc
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